Access Control

A vital part of any successful business plan is to provide a safe and secure environment. A key element of this plan is to control who enters your business during normal hours as well as after hours. In addition, controlling access to critical areas at all times is essential to protecting your data and assets.

No matter the size, nature or complexity of your business, we can provide an access control solution that will give you computerized control of:

  • Building lobby and office doors
  • Server rooms
  • Elevators
  • Parking garages/entry gates


Access control solutions can benefit you by:

  • Providing time and attendance of employees
  • Eliminating distribution of keys to your building
  • Auditing of employees access to controlled areas
  • Integrating with video, communication and security solutions


Access control systems offer:

  • Single door to unlimited door solutions
  • Single building to multi-building facilities
  • Smart card technology and biometric readers
  • User friendly software

Every business, no matter the size, can take advantage of the benefits of access control.

Essential Plus


The entry-level Essential Plus supplies the right amount of access control businesses need starting with 1-door / 2-reader capacity, plus immediate expansion capability to 4-doors / 8-readers (no additional hardware is needed to expand to 2, 3, or 4 doors).

  • ‘License-To-Go’ upgrade key provides more doors or video integration with Digitial Watchdog VMAX-Series DVRs
  • Housed in a steel enclosure; includes supervised AC battery back-up
  • Easily scalable via software upgrade keys to higher-capacity E3-Series eMerge Elite-36 and Elite-64 models
Elite-36 & Elite-64


  • Includes Distributed Redundant Database (DRD) architecture
  • More users, doors, readers, online transactions and overall capacity
  • Advanced access control features & capabilities
  • Centralized and/or distributed hardware
  • Administration designated by doors
  • Threat Level Management
  • Remote management-capable
E3 OneBox™


  • E3 GUI supports both access control and video
  • Feature-rich integration including video event tagging
  • Small footprint, single wall mountable cabinet
  • Full suite of DW applications: Smartphone, browser and client software
  • All-in-one hardware design
E3 Video Integration

Linear has partnered with Digital Watchdog, a leading supplier of digital video recorders (DVRs), to provide two fully-integrated access and video solutions:

  • Use a software upgrade key from Linear’s innovative License-To-Go™ server to add Digital Watchdog™ VMAX video DVR integration to an existing E3 eMerge system or to add an E3 system to an existing Digital Watchdog™ VMAX video surveillance system.
  • For an even more integrated experience Linear offers the Essential OneBox™ combining Linear’s award-winning embedded browser access control platform with Digital Watchdog’s full featured VMAX digital video recording systems, all housed within the same enclosure.
Common Features for all Systems
  • Shared hardware and software architecture across all eMerge E3-Series means easy upgrades and expansion
  • Reliable, IT-friendly embedded Linux operating system significantly reduces:
    • Virus/spyware attacks
    • Operating system update dependency
  • ODBC-compliant MySQL database with optional API available
  • Intuitive quick-start wizard allows for ultra-fast setup, saves hours of time versus traditional systems
  • Browser-based management enables system status and updates from any place, on nearly any browser, using any operating system
  • Easily upgradable to incorporate future E3 technology integrations via License-To-Go™ software keys. Video, badging, visitor management, asset tracking, etc.
  • UL 294 Certification (pending)
Hardware Features for all Systems
  • 100% solid state components for extended service life, providing lowest total cost of ownership
  • High-speed, 1GHz processor handles multiple simultaneous users and more than 30 transactions per second
  • Compact Micro-SD card included with every controller, for long-term event storage
  • Integrated tamper switch and inputs / outputs for additional functionality
  • Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) available on all controllers, expansion nodes, and ACMs allowing for backup power through a UPS
  • Controller and Expansion Node enclosure options:
    • Small footprint ruggedized plastic enclosure provides up to 4 doors / 8 reader capacity (does not include power supply)
    • Midsized metal enclosure with key lock includes 60 watt 12VDC PIP. Can house controller and one additional ACM for a total of 8 doors / 16 reader capacity
    • All metal enclosures include supervised AC battery backup system with charging circuit capable of charging two 7 amp-hour batteries
Software Features for all Systems
  • One common software platform that incorporates configuration keys for each model and upgrade keys for adding additional capabilities
  • Optimized for use with iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Dashboard displays full system status-at-a-glance including:
    • Event and activity log
    • Customizable door diagrams/floor plans with factory default templates
  • Time-saving and convenient features:
    • Integrated card decoder
    • CSV flat file database import
    • Dynamic event filtering
    • E-mail, text message notifications
    • Built in audit-trail
    • Simple, easy-to-use predefined reports
    • Automatic daily data backup
    • Micro SD or FTP-based storage
    • Built-in documentation library
    • Optional software updates for new feature and product enhancements