Fire Protection

IntelliSystems strives to provide cost-effective design and installation on Commercial and Residential fire alarm systems for new or existing structures that complies with the most current NFPA code standards. We fill all of your Commercial fire alarm needs for design, installation, tenant improvement, new construction, service, testing and monitoring.

Design and Installation:

Effective fire protection design requires a thorough knowledge of the codes and standards that govern fire protection. We understand the relevant codes, standards, and regulations and are able to design to the requirements of the state and local authorities. Our factory trained and NICET certified technicians will be able to provide installation that is efficient and comprehensive.


All systems require periodic repairs.  Be assured that when that time comes, we will provide a highly trained, quality service technician to make the necessary repairs.  Our service technicians are NICET certified and skilled at analyzing the problem and making the necessary repairs quickly to minimize your cost. We make every effort to complete any repairs the same service day. 

Testing and Inspection:

Your fire alarm system requires annual testing and inspection.  This is a requirement of your local fire authority and often times of your insurance company as well.  IntelliSystems, Inc. provides assurance that your fire alarm system is functioning properly by providing annual testing of the system.  Our annual service includes testing full functionality of the panel, all devices stand-by batteries and communication with the Central Station.  We also look for any physical changes or remodel work that you may have done over the year which could alter the effectiveness of detection devices and the operation of your system. Our inspection service follows NFPA 72, the national fire code, as well as local fire codes for the method, frequency and documentation of the fire test.

Whether you have an existing system installed by another company or you are one of our existing customers, we offer the most thorough inspection services for your fire alarm, sprinkler system, backflow, fire extinguisher and hood certification service.